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  • Multilingual education in ethiopian primary schools
  • Language choice, education equity, and mother tongue schooling: comparing the cases of ethiopia and native America
  • Language and culture in education : comparing policies and practices in Peru and Ethiopia
  • A critical comparison of language-in-education policy and practice in four Southeast Asian countries and Ethiopia
  • MLE and the double divide in multilingual societies: comparing policy and practice in India and Ethiopia
  • Enhancing quality education for all in nepal through indigenised MLE: the challenge to teach in over a hundred language
  • MLE from ethiopia to nepal: refining a success story
  • Setting a tradition of mother tongue-medium education in 'Francophone' Africa: the case of burkina faso
  • 'There is no such thing as "Keeping out of politics"' : arabisation and amazigh/berber mother tongue education in Morocco
  • Implications for multilingual education: student achievement in different models of education in Ethiopia
  • 'Peripheris' take centre stage: reinterpreted multilingual education works