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  • Structural mechanisms: the institutional history of monastic education : from the Sala Vat to the Institut Bouddhique ; wandering librarians ; Kings and universities
  • Proximate mechanisms : toward a curricular history of monastic education
  • Genres, modes, and idiosyncratic articulations ; The culture of translation ; Canons and curricula
  • Vernacular landscapes: teaching buddhism in Laos and Thailand : From manuscript to television ; Philosophical embryology

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  • Introduction Found in Translation : Creating Communities through Buddhist Art and Narrative
  • Buddhist Vocabulary and Doctrines in Medieval Shinto Texts : The Foutreenth Chapter of the Reikiki
  • The Notion of Force Majeure (Bhaya) in Siamese and Khmer Legal Codes
  • Xuanzang and the Schools of Dhyana (Zen) in Japan
  • Mapping Burma and Northern Thailand in 1795 : Francis Hamilton's Critical Accounts of Native Maps
  • Romance and Ridle : Buddhist Narratives of Siam
  • Representing the Opposition : Brahmanas and Others in the Jatakas
  • Narratives of the Four Assemblies in the Wat Phra Chetuphon Inscriptions
  • Early Buddhism in Laos : Insights from Archaeology
  • Facts and Figures about the Buddhist Historiography of Lanna, Its Material Culture, and Its Production