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87 p. : col.grid., ; 30 cm.
    1st Tier Standard Academic Journal by TCI October 2017 (Special Edition)
Note: 1st Tier Standard Academic Journal by TCI October 2017 (Special Edition)
  • Research Atricles A Model of Thai Agricultural Co-Operative Product Development and Marketing for Niche Markets
  • Toward the Development of Research Management System for Faculties in Rajabhat Universities
  • Analysis of the Main Internatinal Tourist Arrivals to Thailand and Their Impacts on Thailand's Tourism Industry
  • A Model of Green Behavior for Sustaining Green School
  • Thai Business English Students' Receptive Vocabulary Size and Its Relationship to the Use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies
  • A Causal Relationship Model of Carbon Emussion
  • Risk Communication on Climate Change in Agriculture
  • Acticle Review Applications of Structural Equation Modelling in Psychological Research
156 p. : ill., grid ; 26 cm.
    Vol.9 No.2, April - June 2016
Note: Vol.9 No.2, April - June 2016
  • CFD Simulation of Molten Steel Flew with Isothernal Conditin in the Contimuous Casting Tundish
  • Envieonmental Performance Test of Hazardous Waste Incinerator in Indonesia
  • Dnvironmentally-Friendly RF Plasma Treatment of Thai Silk Fabrics with Chitosan for Antibacterial Property
  • Evaluation of the Possibility for Using Polypropylene/Graphene Compositye as Bipolar Plate Material Instead of Polypropylene/Graphite Composite
  • Further Development on Joining of Metal and Fibre Components Unsing Semi-solid Forming Technology
  • Heat Intergrated Process Desing, Simulation and Control of Polymerizatin and Drying Sections for HDPE Production
  • Phylogennetic Analysis of 16 S rDNA Swquences of Pefiococcus acidilastici TISTR 2309:Relationships between Closely Related Species
  • Sensory Characterization of Instant Tom Yum Soup