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    Vol. 2 No. 1 March 2017
Note: Vol. 2 No. 1 March 2017
  • Faces and Phases of Participation : A Local Experience on Community Resource Management
  • The Conflicting issues between the Corporate Governance Code of SEC and other Legal Regimes in Nigeria
  • Concurrent Electin in Indonesian Politics : Opportunities and Challenges of Political Perspective
  • Managing Ethics in Public Sector : Integrity Approaches
  • Analysis of Change in Government Management Paradigm through Implementatin of Information Technology with PAPOR Applicaitons (Aspirations and Complaints Service Online People) in Indonesia
  • Conflict Resolution : Applying the Zoning Formula Model to Resolve Biafra Agitation

    Vol. 3 No. 1 June 2017
Note: Vol. 3 No. 1 June 2017
  • Equal Access to Health Care : A Case of Universal Health Coverage Policy in Thailand
  • Research on Determinants of Trade Balance in Vietnam : A VAR Approach
  • Reviving Public Broadcasting for Governance : A Case Study in India
  • Protectin against Matrimonial Cruelty under Section 498-A of Indian Penal Code : Shield or Weapon
  • Understanding "How Religion Matters" at the Organizational Level through Examples in the Scope of Turkish Educaitonal Field

Thammasat Review / 2016


    Vol.19 No.1 January - June 2016
Note: Vol.19 No.1 January - June 2016
  • Capital Structure, Shareholder Independence, and Performance of ASEAN Banks
  • Evidence of and Explanatin for Day-of-the -Week Effects in Thailand's Govenment Bond Market
  • Competitive Advantage and Organizational Behavior of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Real Estate Sevice Business
  • Guidelines for Management of Blue Swimming Crab Resources by Small Fishing-Boat Fishery Communities Based on Local Wisdom : Case Study of Phe Bay of Rayong Province
  • Creative Toursim Achievement in Thailand : Evaluated by Experts and Tourists
  • The Construction of Saxredness of the Votive Phlaeng Khorat
  • Walking-on borderland : Karen Stratigies and Tactice fo Survival at the Thailand-Burma Border
  • Apsara's Ordeal of Fire : The Politics of Sense in the Everyday Life of Cambodian Bar Girls

    Vol.10 No.2, April - June 2017
Note: Vol.10 No.2, April - June 2017
  • Shape Memory Polymers
  • Confidence Intervals for the coefficient of Variation in a Normal Distribution with a Known Mean and a Bounded Standard Deviation
  • Development of Ionic Liquid Utilization in Biorefinery Process of Lignocellulosic Biomass
  • Effect of Organic Acid Preteratment on Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) Straw Biomass Conversion
  • Guideline for Fast Creating Virtual Mould of the Flat Feet
  • Simulating the Forming of Thermoplastic, Fibre Reinforced Plastics - Demonstrated for a Side Impact Protectin Beam
  • Solving the Location routing Problem of the Central Rubber Market by Tabu Search
  • Thermodynamic Analysis and Optimazation of Distillation Column : A Guide to Improved Energy Utilization

    Vol. 2 No. 3 October 2017
Note: Vol. 2 No. 3 October 2017
  • State's Labels and the Challenges of Nation-State Building in the Decentralized Politics in Indonesia
  • Mainstreaming Monents in Governance Theories : Some Observations
  • Women in Southest Asian Politics : Struggles and Success
  • Perception of Prison Staffs on the Impact on of Rehavilitation Programme, Ilorin Prison, Nigeria
  • The Evolution of Ilaga in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte towards Peace
  • Socializatin and Integrity Statery : A Case Study of Local Government

Thammasat Review / 2017


    Vol. 20 No. 2 July - December 2017
Note: Vol. 20 No. 2 July - December 2017
  • Barriers to Bangkok as a Smart Destination with Internet of Things Technology
  • Superstitious Behaviors and Perceived Job Performance of Internal Auditing Staffs in Thailand
  • Complex Conditions and Factors Determining the Success of Community Land Deeds : A Case Study of Mae Aow Village, Pasang District, Lamphun Province
  • Construct of a Cross-Border Community in-between the Thailand and Myanmar's Border Space through Cross-Border Movements of Ethnic Traders
  • Multiculturalism and Its Impacts in the Deep South of Thailand : A Case Study of the Christian Community in Pattani
  • Love, Anger an dHate of the Red Shirts : The Contestation of Meanings of Politics and Justice

    Vol.11 No.1, January - March 2018
Note: Vol.11 No.1, January - March 2018
  • Editorial Corner Industry 4 and Productions Management Research
  • Review Articld The Natural Pigments in Pigmented Rice Bran and Their Relation to Human Health : A Literature Review
  • Research Articles Automated Railway Crossing System Using ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 Standard
  • Develoment of Solar Oven for Controlling Fungus in Tea Oil Seeds
  • Effect of Germinated Colored Rice on Bioactive Compounds and Quality of Fresh Germinated Colored Rice Noodle
  • Low Frequency Noise Reduction with Active Noise Control in Laboratory Settings
  • pH-Responsive Styrene Maleic Anhydride with Improved Surface Activity
  • Plant-wide Precess Simulation of Ethanol Production from Empty Fruit Bunch
  • Study of Temperature and Wear Bariations of Aluminium in General Dry Sliding Contact
  • Vertical Variation of Nitrogen Oxide (NO) Concentration Using a Backward Air Mass Trajectories Model in an Urban Area of Bangkok, Thailand

    Vol.10 No.3, July 3 September 2017
Note: Vol.10 No.3, July 3 September 2017

    Vol.9 No.2, April - June 2016
Note: Vol.9 No.2, April - June 2016
  • CFD Simulation of Molten Steel Flew with Isothernal Conditin in the Contimuous Casting Tundish
  • Envieonmental Performance Test of Hazardous Waste Incinerator in Indonesia
  • Dnvironmentally-Friendly RF Plasma Treatment of Thai Silk Fabrics with Chitosan for Antibacterial Property
  • Evaluation of the Possibility for Using Polypropylene/Graphene Compositye as Bipolar Plate Material Instead of Polypropylene/Graphite Composite
  • Further Development on Joining of Metal and Fibre Components Unsing Semi-solid Forming Technology
  • Heat Intergrated Process Desing, Simulation and Control of Polymerizatin and Drying Sections for HDPE Production
  • Phylogennetic Analysis of 16 S rDNA Swquences of Pefiococcus acidilastici TISTR 2309:Relationships between Closely Related Species
  • Sensory Characterization of Instant Tom Yum Soup

    Vol.9 No.4, October - December 2016
Note: Vol.9 No.4, October - December 2016
  • A Framework for Web-based Data Visualization Using Google Charts Based on MVC Pattern
  • Artificial Intelligence Based First Order Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller for Position Control of a DC Moter Actuator
  • Effect of Strong Metal Support Interactins of Supported Ni and Ni-co Catalyst on Metal Dispersion and Catalytic Activity toward Dry Methane Reforming Reaction
  • Fish Protein Hydrolysate Production by Acid and Enzy\matic Hydrolysis
  • Forecasting the Price of Natural Rubber in Thailand Using the ARIMA Model
  • Hydration and Physico-mechanical Properties fo Blended Calcium Sulfoaluminate-belite Cement Made of Industrial By-products
  • Linocellulosic Biomass to Biofuel Production:Integration of Chemical and Extrusion (Scres Press) Pretreatment
  • Theoretical Analysis of Heat Recovery Performance Air to Water of a Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (HPHE)

    vol. 7/2014
Note: vol. 7/2014
  • Efficatious Space : An Introduction
  • Healing Meditation Techniques of Selected Thai Meditatin Masters
  • Change of the State-Capital Relatinship in Thailand : Focusing on the Relationship between the State Macroeconomic Institutions and Commercial Banks
  • Suraphon Sombatjaroen on 78 rpm : the development of Thailand's king of music business
  • Western Acculturatin and the Transformation of Culinary Culture in the Court of King Rama V
  • Food in Isan Country Songs : The Urban and the Rural construcion of the Isan Diaspora
  • Towards History of the Margins : from Barbarian to Zhuang Natinality
  • The Role of Thai tourism in Promoting Thai-Vietnamese Relations
  • Socialisation into Values : Collectivism in Award-winning Thai Children's Picture Books
  • Thailand in the Discourse of Chinese Mass Media : Discourse of Ladyboys as a Discursive Tactic