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  • Chapter One : The Journey of my Youth
  • Chpater Two : Journeys to my Ancestral Roots
  • Chapter Three : My Life in Wartime China
  • Chapter Four : My Journey out of China
  • Chapter Five : My Journey Through the Thai School System
  • Chapter Six The Journey of Meeting my Future Wife
  • Chapter Seven : The Clinical Journey
  • Chapter Eight : The Journey of Internship
  • Chapter Nine : My Journey to America
  • Chapter Ten : My Journey to Training in America
  • Chapter Eleven : My Journey to Cincinnati and Residency
  • Chapter Twelve : The Research Years Journey
  • Chapter Thirteen : My Career Journey Began
  • Chapter Fourteen : My Journey to a New Career in my Old Country
  • Chapter Fifteen : The Journey of Resettlement in Our Native Land
  • Chapter Sixteen : My Three Most Nemorable Medical Case in Thailand
  • Chapter Seventeen : A Brief Jounrey Back to Cincinnati
  • Chapter Eighteen : My Short Journey Back to China
  • Chapter Nineteen : Revistiing the Journey of my Escape from China
  • Chapter Twenty : The Journey for a Documentary in China
  • Chapter Twenty-One : The Journey of New Challenges and Dreams