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Ancient Angkor / 2011


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  • History
  • Religion
  • Khmer temples
  • Daily life
  • Inscriptions
  • Discovery & restoration
  • Central Angkor
  • Eastern Angkor
  • The East Baray
  • Banteay Srei.

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  • The Lord of the Summit
  • The Temple in Its Golden Age
  • The Empire in Decline
  • The Curators from France
  • Creating a Dividing Line
  • The Place In Between
  • A New Flashpoint in the Cold War
  • The Fine Points of Jurisdiction
  • The Flow of Water and the Meaning of a Map
  • Cambodia Triumphant
  • Military High Ground in a Brutal Crivil War
  • A Conflict Reborn
  • Faith, Tourism and Armed Stand-Off Among the Ancient Stones

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  • Buddhism in Cambodia: from its origins to the fall of Angkor
  • The medieval period and the emergence of the Theravada
  • Theravada buddhism in Cambodia: territorial and social lineaments
  • Literary and cult traditions
  • Cambodian buddhism under colonial rule
  • Buddhism and Cambodian nationalism
  • Liberation: the religio-political dimension
  • Cambodian buddhism after the Khmer Rouge