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    Vol. 2 No. 1 March 2017
Note: Vol. 2 No. 1 March 2017
  • Faces and Phases of Participation : A Local Experience on Community Resource Management
  • The Conflicting issues between the Corporate Governance Code of SEC and other Legal Regimes in Nigeria
  • Concurrent Electin in Indonesian Politics : Opportunities and Challenges of Political Perspective
  • Managing Ethics in Public Sector : Integrity Approaches
  • Analysis of Change in Government Management Paradigm through Implementatin of Information Technology with PAPOR Applicaitons (Aspirations and Complaints Service Online People) in Indonesia
  • Conflict Resolution : Applying the Zoning Formula Model to Resolve Biafra Agitation

    Vol. 3 No. 1 June 2017
Note: Vol. 3 No. 1 June 2017
  • Equal Access to Health Care : A Case of Universal Health Coverage Policy in Thailand
  • Research on Determinants of Trade Balance in Vietnam : A VAR Approach
  • Reviving Public Broadcasting for Governance : A Case Study in India
  • Protectin against Matrimonial Cruelty under Section 498-A of Indian Penal Code : Shield or Weapon
  • Understanding "How Religion Matters" at the Organizational Level through Examples in the Scope of Turkish Educaitonal Field

    Vol.10 No.2, April - June 2017
Note: Vol.10 No.2, April - June 2017
  • Shape Memory Polymers
  • Confidence Intervals for the coefficient of Variation in a Normal Distribution with a Known Mean and a Bounded Standard Deviation
  • Development of Ionic Liquid Utilization in Biorefinery Process of Lignocellulosic Biomass
  • Effect of Organic Acid Preteratment on Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) Straw Biomass Conversion
  • Guideline for Fast Creating Virtual Mould of the Flat Feet
  • Simulating the Forming of Thermoplastic, Fibre Reinforced Plastics - Demonstrated for a Side Impact Protectin Beam
  • Solving the Location routing Problem of the Central Rubber Market by Tabu Search
  • Thermodynamic Analysis and Optimazation of Distillation Column : A Guide to Improved Energy Utilization

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  • Preparing for Reading and Writing
  • Interacting with Text
  • Reflecting on the Text
  • Creating Images
  • Topics and Main Ideas
  • Implying the Main Idea through Examples
  • Hidden topics and Main Ideas
  • Focusing on Details

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  • Introduction Found in Translation : Creating Communities through Buddhist Art and Narrative
  • Buddhist Vocabulary and Doctrines in Medieval Shinto Texts : The Foutreenth Chapter of the Reikiki
  • The Notion of Force Majeure (Bhaya) in Siamese and Khmer Legal Codes
  • Xuanzang and the Schools of Dhyana (Zen) in Japan
  • Mapping Burma and Northern Thailand in 1795 : Francis Hamilton's Critical Accounts of Native Maps
  • Romance and Ridle : Buddhist Narratives of Siam
  • Representing the Opposition : Brahmanas and Others in the Jatakas
  • Narratives of the Four Assemblies in the Wat Phra Chetuphon Inscriptions
  • Early Buddhism in Laos : Insights from Archaeology
  • Facts and Figures about the Buddhist Historiography of Lanna, Its Material Culture, and Its Production

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  • BUDDHA Chapter 1 Shakyamuni Buddha
  • Chapter 2 the Eternal and Glorified Buddha
  • Chapter 3 The Form of Buddha and His Virtues
  • DHARMA Chapter 1 Causation
  • Chapter 2 The Theory of Mind-Only and The Real State of Things
  • Chapter 3 Buddha - Nature
  • Chapter 4 Defilements
  • Chapter 5 The Relief Offered by Buddha
  • THE WAY OF PRACTICE Chapter 1 The Way to Purification
  • Chapter 2 The Way of Practical Attainment
  • THE BROTHERHOOD Chapter 1 Duties of the Brotherhood
  • Chapter 2 Building a Buddha Land

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  • Chapter 1 Socio-Cultural Dynamics in Bruneian Society
  • Chapter 2 The Rise of Combodia : Understanding Khmer Society and Culture
  • Chapter 3 The Complexities and Dynamics of Indonesia Society
  • Chapter 4 Lao Society and Culture
  • Chapter 5 Malaysia in a Context of Change : The Continuing Relevance of Mahathirism
  • Chapter 6 Languge, Cultures and Societies in Myanmar
  • Chapter 7 The Pearl of the Orient Seas : Ubderstanding Philippine Society and Culture
  • Chapter 8 Multicultural Singapore in Modern Times
  • Chapter 9 Comparative Studies in ASEAN Cultures and Societies : Thailand
  • Chapter 10 A Sociological Sketch of the Social and Cultural Distinctiveness of Vietnam

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  • Before Ayutthaya : Sukhothai Kingdom
  • U-Thong Dynasty (First Reign)
  • Suphannaphum Dynasty (First Deign)
  • U-Thong Dynasty (Second Reign)
  • Suthothai Dynaty
  • Prasay Tong Dynasty
  • Ban Phu Luang Dynasty

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  • Chapter One : The Journey of my Youth
  • Chpater Two : Journeys to my Ancestral Roots
  • Chapter Three : My Life in Wartime China
  • Chapter Four : My Journey out of China
  • Chapter Five : My Journey Through the Thai School System
  • Chapter Six The Journey of Meeting my Future Wife
  • Chapter Seven : The Clinical Journey
  • Chapter Eight : The Journey of Internship
  • Chapter Nine : My Journey to America
  • Chapter Ten : My Journey to Training in America
  • Chapter Eleven : My Journey to Cincinnati and Residency
  • Chapter Twelve : The Research Years Journey
  • Chapter Thirteen : My Career Journey Began
  • Chapter Fourteen : My Journey to a New Career in my Old Country
  • Chapter Fifteen : The Journey of Resettlement in Our Native Land
  • Chapter Sixteen : My Three Most Nemorable Medical Case in Thailand
  • Chapter Seventeen : A Brief Jounrey Back to Cincinnati
  • Chapter Eighteen : My Short Journey Back to China
  • Chapter Nineteen : Revistiing the Journey of my Escape from China
  • Chapter Twenty : The Journey for a Documentary in China
  • Chapter Twenty-One : The Journey of New Challenges and Dreams

Reading Mastery / 2017


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  • Part 1 Reading Strategies
  • Part Reading Selections
  • Unit 1 Education Challenges
  • Unit 2 Technology and You
  • Unit 3 Mind Over Body
  • Unit 4 Language for All
  • Unit 5 As Smart As They Are

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  • Preface and Acknowledgement
  • The Life and Work of Dr, Preecha Noonsuk
  • Prologue The Isthmian Tract and the Fulf of Siam
  • Finding a Form, Discovering the Sublime
  • People of the Beach Ridges : Tambralinga and Palembang
  • Transpeninsular Routes in the Light of New Finds in Coastal and Nautical Archaeology ** The Way Maheyong inscription : The Thai-Malay Peninsula in the Wide World of Buddhist Material and Cultural Exchange
  • The Northern Malays
  • Ayutthaya and the Peninsula from the Thirteenth to Seventeenth Century
  • A Deity Conjured from the Mid-South's Ancient Heritage
  • Possibilities of Material Culture Approach to History of Thai Urban Lived Religion
  • Burmese Wares in Aceh and Nouth Sumatra
  • Epilogue From Father to Son : A Meditative Journey to "Bead Nound" and Back

Academic Reading / 2017


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  • Chapter 1 Expanding Academic Vocabulary
  • Chapter 2 Understanding Paragraphs
  • Chapter 3 Determining Organizational Pattrens
  • Chapter 4 interpreting Graphics
  • Chapter 5 Developing Critical Reading Skills
  • Chapter 6 Understanding Research Articles